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Piano Etudes

for Piano Solo
Piano etudes - Yoon-Wha Roh, Piano

Piano Etudes engages limited sources of intervals and articulations.

Etude No.1 ''Effervescent'' (2016) only utilizes the interval of minor seventh and its inversion, major second. Through the difference in timing, two lines in each register move in parallel or contrary motion that intensifies itself to three lines in the middle section. The asymmetrical pattern of articulation repeats in retrograde rhythm, stretto or free format. 

Etude No.2 ''Chamber of Mirrors'' (2016) employs two separate lines that involve repeated and bell-like gestures in high register and still harmonies with longer breathe. It is for the most part free in movement and meditative nature.

Etude No.3 ''Pulsar Glitch'' (2017) consists of two distinctive characters. One is a rapid non-stop moving line and the other is the abrupt chords that unexpectedly break the flow. It only exploits minor thirds and chromatic intervals. With such limited materials, the etude continuously transforms with ever-changing accent placements and register shifts.

Etude No.4 "Toccata" (2014)

Etude No.5 "Allegro molto" (2015)

Etude No.6 - current project, as of 2022

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